Participate in a rare one-day event with Mat Steinwede!

This is a unique experience with one of Australia’s top agents, to connect with his mind and his energy to help you fill the holes in your business or just see if you can learn why he became McGrath’s number 1 Agent last year, after 15 years of chasing it. 

Find out what you will experience and learn below. 

What you will experience and learn:

1. The opportunity to connect with Mat for a full day and work on what’s important to you.

2. Learn the art of consistent results.

3. Learn how Mat built his career from the ground up.

4. Understand how Mat run at a fast pace for more than 20 years.

5. Learn how he has dominated the market for most of his career.

6. Learn how Mat went from a new agent to the agent with the highest profile.

7. Learn about his team structure and what has worked over the years and what hasn’t.

8. Get inside of Mat's listing presentation and see how he competes with the best.

9. Learn about time management and what to do and what not to do.

10. Understand how to change your results by mastering your energy.

11. Learn how to avoid burnout.

12. Learn how to manage your database like the best in the country.

13. Create sustainable growth in your business not the big highs and the low lows.

14. Understand why the Law Of Attraction is better than any script or dialogue.

15. Learn how to keep your results high in a declining market.

16. Ask Mat as many questions as you would like during the full day.

Why is Mat doing this?

This has been something he has wanted to do for a number of years but hadn’t felt ready. He now feels like his depth of knowledge and experience is ready to share and improve the lives and careers of others.

So if you’re keen to sit in a room with Mat and have him personally work with you on your business - purchase your ticket now.